FPB Owners: Living Well & Going Places!

With 14 FPBs now afloat and four more in build, FPB owners are traveling to faraway ports and blogging about it.

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Why FPB? The Concept Explained...

The FPB fleet is judged to be the best ocean-crossing motor yachts today. To find out why, read on.

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The Concept

Why FPB? The Concept Explained…


We’ve been chasing the holy grail of the perfect cruising yacht for 40 years. The Deerfoot, Sundeer and Beowulf series are considered the premiere sailing yachts on which to circumnavigate. The FPB fleet is judged by the most experienced owners and journalists to be the best ocean-crossing motor yachts today. To find out why, read on:

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The Black Swan Theory Of Cruising – Updated


Our approach to yacht design (as well as investing) is captured by Nassim Taleb’s black swan theory of economics. [Read the rest »]

Why FPB? Owners and Editors Talk…


In case you don’t have an FPB anchored nearby, we’ve included below some brief comments from several of our owners, as well as a couple of hard-nosed magazine editors. We’ll start with Bill Parlatore, the individual many credit with the start and nurturing of the ocean cruising powerboat industry. [Read the rest »]

Motor Yacht Stability, Comfort, and Safety – An Updated Compilation

EnRoute Fiji Waves Speed 068 3

When you head offshore your safety depends on stability, both upright and ultimate (the heel angle at which you don’t recover from a knockdown). Given today’s software and computing power, calculating stability is a relatively straightforward exercise. This is required for commercial vessels, larger yachts, and generally for any flag state/class certification such as MCA, RINA, ABS, etc. We would not go offshore without this data, and we don’t think you should either.

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FPB: Cruising Speed, Range Under Power, And The Real World


Those of you familiar with our work will know that we consider being able to maintain comparatively fast cruising speeds the most important factor in safe, comfortable ocean crossing. Get this right and you enjoy making passages. Get it wrong and you will prefer sitting at the dock reading about the folks who are really out there cruising. [Read the rest »]

A New Paradigm for Cruising

Our design goal has always been to cross oceans in maximum comfort and safety [Read the rest »]

Living With 360 Degree Views

We’ve been trying to describe what it is like to have the majority of our day to day experience aboard in an area with 360-degree views. [Read the rest »]

FPB – A Woman’s Perspective

People are always asking how I like cruising on this new boat. (This post was written by Linda Dashew in 2007, after the first three seasons of cruising aboard FPB 83 Wind Horse.) [Read the rest »]

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Boat By Boat

FPB 70 – A New Baby Sister!

There’s a new kid on the block, a smaller sibling to the FPB 97 and 78, and like most younger family members, this one is as tough as nails.  [Read the rest »]

FPB 78: The Dream Machine – Updated October 5, 2016


The FPB 78 is the fourth design in this series, fine-tuned by over 100,000 miles of open ocean FPB experience during the past eight years…  [Read the rest »]

FPB 97 – Code Name “Wicked”


Slicing through the barriers of what can and cannot be done with a large yacht, the Wicked FPB 97 redefines the cruising paradigm.

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FPB 130 – It Is The Real Deal

FPB 130 103 2
A 5,000 NM range at 14 knots, ice class hull strength, rescue craft-like capsize resistance and recovery, 20kW solar array, hyper efficient heating cooling/ventilation, and the most comfortable ocean crossing ride make the FPB 130

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FPB 64 – Introduction

When we wrote this introduction six years ago, during the depths of a marine industry depression, we had no idea that the summer of 2016 would have 11 FPB 64s in the water cruising. For all the latest FPB 64 updates, click here. [Read the rest »]

FPB 83 – Wind Horse

“…One of the coolest boats I have had the pleasure to spend time on.
-Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker Magazine

Let us take you on a tour of the FPB prototype, Wind Horse.

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The Logs

We Are Out of Here
(October 21st, 2016)


We like squeezing into and out of tight places, and the fuel dock in Uturoa is high on the fun-factor scale. [Read the rest »]

FPB 78-1 Cochise: Solar Update
(October 20th, 2016)


We continue to be impressed with Cochise’s solar array. From ten solar panels we are generating within spitting distance of 20 kWh. [Read the rest »]

It’s Panama Direct (4700 NM): Deciding When To Depart
(October 19th, 2016)

Uturoa panama

FPB 78-1 Cochise is Panama-bound, 4700 nautical miles east from our present location, and the question of the day is when? We only arrived in Raiaitea four days ago, after 1800 miles, and you are probably thinking we are crazy to consider another passage so quickly. [Read the rest »]

FPB 78-1 Cochise – After A Very Quick 5000 NM
(October 17th, 2016)


FPB 78-1 Cochise has just completed a 1832 NM passage, Fiji to French Polynesia, against the prevailing wind and current, and has now seen more than 5000 NM pass under the hull in just four months. [Read the rest »]

FPB 78-1 Cochise: Day 6 Underway and in Awe…
(October 14th, 2016)

It is the morning of our sixth day since leaving Fiji, heading uphill against the trades to French Polynesia. We have been running for multi-hour periods, recording data from rpm, speed, mileage recipes as sea states, wind, and our displacement change… [Read the rest »]

FPB 78-1 Passage Update: Palmerston Interlude
(October 14th, 2016)


Imagine a tropical island with lovely beaches, set in a turquoise lagoon, with windswept palms bending to the trade winds. Then think of the barrier reef, a vertical wall, with a 50-meter face. The anchorage is a shallow patch–10 to 15 meters deep–on this face, with the reef a boat length from the stern. [Read the rest »]

Halfway There: Update from FPB 78-1 Cochise
(October 12th, 2016)


We have passed the halfway mark, always a cause for celebration. [Read the rest »]

4,000 Nautical Miles And Counting: Passage Update
(October 11th, 2016)


We’ve just passed Cochise’s 4,000th nautical mile since launching four months ago. We’ve got 1200 NM to go for Bora Bora, the breeze is light out of the NW, and the barometer has quickly climbed to 1013 mb. [Read the rest »]

FPB 78-1 Cochise Underway – Posted by Sarah
(October 11th, 2016)


As of 0115 GMT yesterday, Cochise and crew were well into their latest passage… [Read the rest »]

Fiji – A Great Cruising Destination
(October 10th, 2016)

FPB 781 Cochise Fiji 100

Cochise’s all too short visit to Fiji has come to an end. It is time to head over the horizon.  [Read the rest »]

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