FPB Owners: Living Well & Going Places!

With 14 FPBs now afloat and four more in build, FPB owners are traveling to faraway ports and blogging about it.

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Why FPB? The Concept Explained...

The FPB fleet is judged to be the best ocean-crossing motor yachts today. To find out why, read on.

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The Concept

FPB 64 Owners Do It Right!


This is the story of everyday folks, who dreamed of distant horizons and made it happen. If you look at our FPB 64 owners, they are a normal group of yachties who started without ocean crossing experience, who have turned themselves into true voyagers. How did they do it? Why did they do it? What is it that makes it possible for them to accomplish what other people only dream about? Why are they out there doing it while most yacht owners sit in a marina? [Read the rest »]

Why FPB? The Concept Explained…


We’ve been chasing the holy grail of the perfect cruising yacht for 40 years. The Deerfoot, Sundeer and Beowulf series are considered the premiere sailing yachts on which to circumnavigate. The FPB fleet is judged by the most experienced owners and journalists to be the best ocean-crossing motor yachts today. To find out why, read on:

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The Black Swan Theory Of Cruising – Updated


Our approach to yacht design (as well as investing) is captured by Nassim Taleb’s black swan theory of economics. [Read the rest »]

Why FPB? Owners and Editors Talk…


In case you don’t have an FPB anchored nearby, we’ve included below some brief comments from several of our owners, as well as a couple of hard-nosed magazine editors. We’ll start with Bill Parlatore, the individual many credit with the start and nurturing of the ocean cruising powerboat industry. [Read the rest »]

Motor Yacht Stability, Comfort, and Safety – An Updated Compilation

EnRoute Fiji Waves Speed 068 3

When you head offshore your safety depends on stability, both upright and ultimate (the heel angle at which you don’t recover from a knockdown). Given today’s software and computing power, calculating stability is a relatively straightforward exercise. This is required for commercial vessels, larger yachts, and generally for any flag state/class certification such as MCA, RINA, ABS, etc. We would not go offshore without this data, and we don’t think you should either.

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FPB: Cruising Speed, Range Under Power, And The Real World


Those of you familiar with our work will know that we consider being able to maintain comparatively fast cruising speeds the most important factor in safe, comfortable ocean crossing. Get this right and you enjoy making passages. Get it wrong and you will prefer sitting at the dock reading about the folks who are really out there cruising. [Read the rest »]

A New Paradigm for Cruising

Our design goal has always been to cross oceans in maximum comfort and safety [Read the rest »]

Living With 360 Degree Views

We’ve been trying to describe what it is like to have the majority of our day to day experience aboard in an area with 360-degree views. [Read the rest »]

FPB – A Woman’s Perspective

People are always asking how I like cruising on this new boat. (This post was written by Linda Dashew in 2007, after the first three seasons of cruising aboard FPB 83 Wind Horse.) [Read the rest »]

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Boat By Boat

FPB 70 – A New Baby Sister!

There’s a new kid on the block, a smaller sibling to the FPB 97 and 78, and like most younger family members, this one is as tough as nails.  [Read the rest »]

FPB 78: The Dream Machine – Updated October 5, 2016


The FPB 78 is the fourth design in this series, fine-tuned by over 100,000 miles of open ocean FPB experience during the past eight years…  [Read the rest »]

FPB 97 – Code Name “Wicked”


Slicing through the barriers of what can and cannot be done with a large yacht, the Wicked FPB 97 redefines the cruising paradigm.

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FPB 130 – It Is The Real Deal

FPB 130 103 2
A 5,000 NM range at 14 knots, ice class hull strength, rescue craft-like capsize resistance and recovery, 20kW solar array, hyper efficient heating cooling/ventilation, and the most comfortable ocean crossing ride make the FPB 130

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FPB 64 – Introduction

When we wrote this introduction six years ago, during the depths of a marine industry depression, we had no idea that the summer of 2016 would have 11 FPB 64s in the water cruising. For all the latest FPB 64 updates, click here. [Read the rest »]

FPB 83 – Wind Horse

“…One of the coolest boats I have had the pleasure to spend time on.
-Bill Parlatore, Passagemaker Magazine

Let us take you on a tour of the FPB prototype, Wind Horse.

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The Logs

FPB in the Press: Soundings Feature Now Live Online
(February 16th, 2017)


There is a double feature now live in print and online at Soundings Magazine[Read the rest »]

FPB 70 Construction Update: A “Stan”dard Sense of Scale
(February 14th, 2017)


This just in from Circa Marine in Whangarei–Stan Creighton, who with wife Valerie has laid claim to FPB 70-1, is down in New Zealand for various projects and to check on build progress. [Read the rest »]

FPB in the Press: Soundings Magazine
(February 9th, 2017)


Soundings Magazine has an extensive feature on FPB in their March 2017 issue. They’ve also put together a nice video on the FPB designs for their website… [Read the rest »]

FPB 70 Bow – Taking Metal To New Levels Of Shaping Sophistication
(January 24th, 2017)


The FPB 70 brings together the very best of everything we’ve learned in the last 40 years, not the least of which is a very sophisticated bow shape – perhaps the most difficult plating job ever.

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FPB Video: The Way
(January 16th, 2017)


A new video in which we reveal the secrets behind all those ocean-crossing miles… [Read the rest »]

From Our Boat To Yours: End Of Year Slideshow
(December 22nd, 2016)


The following slideshow highlights some favorites from our first cruising season aboard FPB 78-1 Cochise… [Read the rest »]

“Bommies” And Brute Strength: DF 2-62 Moonshadow Reports
(December 13th, 2016)


John and Deb Rogers, owners of Deerfoot 2-62 Moonshadow, are currently having a little work done by Circa after a surprise encounter with a “bommie”… [Read the rest »]

FPB 78 Video: Beating Against the Gulf Stream – Secrets of a Comfortable Ride Revealed
(December 3rd, 2016)


In the pantheon of situations to avoid when cruising, northers in the Gulf Stream are up towards the top. The wind opposing current kicks up a nasty, short seaway, and the warm water mixing with the cool air from the north increases gusts. [Read the rest »]

FPB 78 Video: A Very Fine Panama Canal Transit
(December 1st, 2016)


Watch FPB 78-1 Cochise transit the Panama Canal, using a unique side thrusting technique to keep the fenders clean…

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FPB 78-1 Cochise: ETA 17th Street Bridge 1330
(November 29th, 2016)


Attention SetSailors! Cochise is approaching landfall, ETA at the 17th Street bridge in Fort Lauderdale around 1330 local time. If anyone in the area wants to check her out, say hello, and maybe shoot us a photo, they’ll be sure to wave. Feel free to send any photos to sarah@setsail.com. Welcome to the USA, Cochise!

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