FPB 70

Updates about the FPB 70.

FPB Video: The Way


A new video in which we reveal the secrets behind all those ocean-crossing miles…

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Circa Update On All Things FPB: Posted by Deon Ogden


It’s the start of summer here, with construction in full swing. The South Pacific-visiting FPB Family is also back en route to NZ for safe haven during cyclone season… Read the rest »

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FPB 70 – Taking Shape

FPB 70 taking shape300

The first FPB 70 is taking shape now at Circa. Read the rest »

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Pushing That Magic Button: FPB 70-1 Is Under Construction

IMG 1382 Edit

Having just completed a 6,200 nautical mile voyage from Thailand to New Zealand in 27 days underway on their FPB 64 Buffalo Nickel (much of that uphill), you might think that Val and Stan Creighton would like a short break from thinking about boats. Read the rest »

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FPB 70 – A New Baby Sister!

There’s a new kid on the block, a smaller sibling to the FPB 97 and 78, and like most younger family members, this one is as tough as nails.  Read the rest »

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