How To Videos

A series of videos about the skills necessary to make the cruising dream come true.

Making It Happen Videos

Here are eight videos to help you make those cruising dreams come true. They are designed to work as Owner’s Manuals for our books and DVDs, and to get the most from each of our titles.

The introduction to this series will get your cruising juices flowing.

The Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia video is next.

The Surviving the Storm video will give you a feel for how this seminal work deals with the subject of extreme weather tactics.

Mariner’s Weather Handbook is considered the reference on marine weather. This short video will guide you through the best way to take advantage of the information contained therein.

The Practical Seamanship video walks you through the basics of this important topic.

Getting the most out of the CDrom editions of these four books is covered in this video.

Sail Care and Repair is covered in this video.

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