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Favorite photos other than those in the cruising category.

Spring Time In The Sonoran Desert Slide Show 2012

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2011 Favorite Photos

Sunrise Fog SeaGate 109 2

Between checking off projects on Wind Horse, working on new designs, the holidays, and a  myriad of other details, the camera bag has not seen a lot of action the past six weeks. But we can only go so long without a visual fix, and the past few days has seen us dreaming, with the help of our photo files.

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2011 Favorite Photos

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Our favorite photos from 2011.

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A Change Of Scenery Slide Show

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Going Back To The Test Bed

MG 5319 Edit

We are headed back to our test bed, getting Wind Horse back into action. There are a series of trials to run with NAIAD stabilizer guru Vic Kuzmovich, to tie down a few things for the FPB 112 (it is nice to have a 2/3rds scale model!). And ┬ábit of rest is in order (we’ve been burning the candle at both ends), before we dive back into the world of computer design.

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Northern Arizona Cruise

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Bosque del Apache Slide Show

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New Year’s Eve Slide Show

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Arizona Spring Slide Show

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Secret Garden

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