Eggomoggin Reach Regatta Photos

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Posted by Steve Dashew  (August 7, 2011)

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  1. Betsy vickery Says:

    I would love to see and or buy photos of the Willow 1946 Alden sailboat boat that was entered int the Eggomoggin Reach Regatta Aug 6 2011. Please let me know my options. Thank you

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Hi Betsy:
    If you tell us more about WIllow we’ll see if we caught her.

  2. David Guest Says:


    I wasn’t going to bother you with this little story, but Eggomoggin Reach and the Regatta photos compelled me.

    In 1890 my great grandfather and other New Yorkers discovered Penobscot Bay and Isle au Haut. They all bought land and founded the Point Lookout Club. My great grandfather bought several islands, including Burnt Island off the tip of Isle au Haut. It has been in the family ever since, and is currently in a family trust, with my two sons as trustees.

    My family has been most lucky. We have been going up there every summer for a week to ten days for the last 48 years. The Barter family, a lobstering family on Isle au Haut, have taken care of the island for five generations. Billy Barter, now in his sixties, picks us up in his lobster boat at Stonington. It has been an exquisite formative, traditional, marvelous experience.

    We stay in the little farm house which was built by a sea captain over 200 years ago. We have gone from gas lamps to solar and from CB radio to cell phones. It has been a wondrous journey.

    My wife, Naomee, even had a retail store named Eggemoggin in Larchmont, NY for ten years.

    My favorite pastime on the Island is listening to Marine VHF. Giggles, information, alerts, rescues and lobsterman chatter all day with delightful accents and accounts. I do miss Camden Marine and monitoring all of the conversations between yacht owners and their families, especially the ones where the owner would say “ Honey, we’re going to have be out here for another few days…”

    I loved your pictures of the wooden craft still enjoying the wind in Eggemoggin Reach.

    I hope you continue to have a delightful voyage through that marvelous country. Our turn on Burnt Island comes in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for one of the greatest sites on the internet.

    David Guest

  3. Pamela Scott Says:

    You have a wonderful photo of Vela posted with the recent ERR pictures. She is the 50′ gaff headed sloop with a black hull.
    Her designer/owner/skipper is Havilah “Haddie” Hawkins. (The pivoting topsail is also his design.) I run a small non-profit called Windward Passage and we team with Haddie & Vela for eight weeks every summer. Teens aged 12-18 come on board Vela for 5 days/5 nights and they crew–no cell phones, iPods, etc–learning team work, cooperation, self-reliance, responsibility, and large boat sailing. Haddie is a true mentor! Vela participates in the three classic yacht races–Castine Classic, Camden Classic & ERR every year and her “racing crew” consists of the kids who happen to be on board that week.

    Windward Passage has a very lean budget and 98% of all our funds go directly to putting kids on board. We turn no one away for financial reasons, so scholarships are offered to over half of our participants. We would love to post this photo on our website, but we can’t afford to purchase it. Would you consider allowing us to use it providing we give proper credit? Thank you for your consideration. Pam Scott, Program Director

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    We’ll put some images of Vela on our photo server for you.