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FPB 64 Osprey Launch

FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-102.jpg We are happy to report that another FPB 64 has been launched in New Zealand. Osprey was built under survey, to Australian regulations so she can be chartered. In spite of the additional survey requirements, much of which is driven by rules designed for different types of vessels, she has hit her empty weight targets. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-104.jpg Although we are used to new launches, each new boat gives us a buzz, which is one of the reasons we still do this. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-105.jpg Osprey has a few different details. Her owner is an avid fisherman and she is set up to be an efficient platform for this pursuit. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-103.jpg The swim step has been extended to provide a fighting and landing area, and there is a baiting and fish cleaning station in the aft starboard corner of the deck. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-101.jpg Depending on the measurement rule, this may or may not extend the official length of the boat. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-100.jpg We’ll close with a shot we have shown of earlier launches, the prop skeg, prop, rudder relationship. Oversized rudders are worth their drag at sea and when maneuvering.The hinged spar assembly helps with transport and maintenance. FPB-64-Osprey-Launch-110.jpg

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 18, 2010)

4 Responses to “FPB 64 Osprey Launch”

  1. Warren Cottis Says:
    Hi Steve Can you tell us where in Australia she is going? Regards Warren

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Hi Warren: Osprey will eventually be in the Sidney area.

  2. Scott Evangelista Says:
    Steve, It gives all of us a little buzz when you launch. I can’t wait until it’s mine we are launching…so close yet so far. Are those solar panels I see? If so I was wondering about the output given the relatively small foot print. Keep the updates coming Take care and have a great holiday Scott

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Hi Scott: Yes, solars on the house.