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FPB Detail Slide Shows

FPB Slide shows include high resolution versions of the best of the FPB photos from the hundreds of articles on SetSail.com

Another set of FPB 64 photos, these by Carol Parker,  are here.

A set of photos of the FPB 64 Avatar at anchor are  here.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 30, 2009)

2 Responses to “FPB Detail Slide Shows”

  1. David Sutton Says:

    Hi Steve,
    As always, I’ve been enjoying the copious info and photos of the new boats. Avatar looks lovely.
    Do you ever feel separation anxiety after so long a design/build cycle?
    I’m curious about a couple of things I spotted in the photos. What is the white cylindrical object on the railing at the stern? There are a couple of pieces of gear at the helm I couldn’t identify. The 1st one is a raised white panel with a large dial in the centre. IS this the autopilot? Secondly there seem to be two identical units, one at the left aft of the radios and the other on the right just ahead of the thruster joystick. are these controls for the stabilizers?


    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Hi David:

    The device on the stern is a tracker for use with a land style BGAN satellite antenna. The white device with the round pointer knob is indeed the helm. I think you are referring to the stabilizer control on the left and the windlass control on the right.