Getting To The Point of It All

FPB Wicked 5

Most of the folks we know in the marine “business” (an oxymoron for sure) play the game for love, or because they simply have no choice, they are pulled to it. The hours are long, the outcome often uncertain, and the risks higher than many economic endeavors.

The intellectual and emotional recompense – the catnip in the equation – comes at different points for different folks. For some it is watching their creation slip down the ways, or seeing a lovingly crafted interior stripped of its protective covering for the first time. For others, it’s a clean wake flowing off a nicely crafted buttock line.

In our case the payoff usually happens during sea trials, when we get a chance to feel the vessel come alive under our feet.

Often, after too many 18 hour days, we’ll keep ourselves going by imagining the current project in its element, sliding down a wave on a long surf, or smoothly punching through a sea.

On rare occasions the shiver happens now: the design elements suddenly coalesce, the preliminary data has been vetted,  there are quick solutions to the various design issues that occur, and we suddenly get that feeling in our gut – this is special. In the past 30 years we’ve felt this three times; with the 38 foot catamaran Beowulf Vll,  the 78 foot ketch Beowulf, and with Wind Horse.

We’ve just felt the earth tremble again.

For more information on the FPB Series, e-mail Sue Grant: Sue.Grant@Berthon.Co.UK.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (January 26, 2012)

6 Responses to “Getting To The Point of It All”

  1. LBDBoater Says:

    I see more port lights under the rub rail in this new rendering.

  2. Baz Says:

    Interesting to note the return of the portlights – Wind Horse has them, the new boat does, but why were they not included on the 64? I would think it would enhance the owner’s cabin with some nice views

  3. Steve Dashew Says:

    Howdy Baz:
    Different structural systems and deck layouts. The reason for this will shortly be clear. And, the 64 does not need them.

  4. Victor Raymond Says:

    Sometimes the anticipation is harder to deal with than the event itself as in storms and oceanl passages. We are sitting on the edge of our seats. Have pity! 🙂

  5. Alain M Says:

    Yes, like 5 port lichts pro side, the shape of the hull looks awesome to me…
    Means to me that FPB 115 is ready…
    Waiting for the next…

  6. Tim Gardner Says:

    Steve….one cannot help but mention the old axiom about the “Marine Business”… do you make a small fortune in the marine business ? Why, you start with a LARGE one of course”
    Standing by to stand by