Recent FPB Press

The following articles are a sampling of Recent media coverage on the FPB concept. For more historical press, click here.

Yachting World November 2016 features Sundeer line as one of 50 Yacht Designs that changed the world:

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Berthon Lifestyle highlights FPB 64 Buffalo Nickel’s extraordinary cruise through Vanuatu. Read here or scroll below.

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Powerboat World heralds “a new dawn in efficiency and performance” with the Wicked FPB 97… Read the article.


What would you assume is the ocean-crossing yacht of choice for the editor of a preeminent megayacht magazine who’s seen it all? Read Stewart Campbell’s editor’s letter in the April 2015 edition of Boat International to find out.

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Motor Boat & Yachting have anointed Steve & Linda with the prestigious 2015 Judges’ Special Award for innovation in Design (the award is such an honor that they don’t bestow it every year).

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This just in! The May 2015 issue of Boat International salutes “disrupters – boatbuilders and designers who dare to be different and still make it work”:

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In the April issue of Boat International, Ivor Wilkins takes a detailed look at  FPB 97-1 Iceberg, and the FPB concept.

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In the story above, Ivor Wilkins alludes to the fact that Dashew Offshore designs are in the unusual position of having strong followings on both power and sailing sides of the cruising equation. That said, traditionally there is no love lost between sailors and those who choose power. This puts the sailing magazine Yachting World’s editor comments in the November 2014 issue in an interesting light. To read Matthew Sheehan’s thoughts on the FPB 64, read below.

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We always strive to be conservative in our claims for boat speed and range. To find out just how far and how fast you can go in an FPB 64, read Peter Watson’s account of his 90 day, halfway around the world journey from Auckland, New Zealand to the UK’s Channel Islands in Motor Boat & Yachting.

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The following article on one of FPB 64-5 Tiger‘s south pacific cruises may seem exotic to most. Rather than being an outlier, however, this is the norm for Dashew Offshore’s sailing and power fleet of yachts.

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“We only cleaned the air filter and changed the oil and oil filter. Nothing else.” Read more of Peter Watson’s deminavigation in the latest issue of Power Source below.

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The UK yachting press has a reputation for maintaining fierce independence when it comes to reviewing boats. Beholden to no one, designers and builders are often leery about allowing British press free reign on board. To find out what Motor Boat & Yachting thinks of FPB 64 Grey Wolf and FPB series prototype Wind Horse, see below.

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Ten years ago, when the FPB series prototype Wind Horse was launched, PassageMaker magazine founder and editor Bill Parlatore made a trip to New Zealand to have a close look at this new breed of ocean-crossing yacht. In light of the FPB paradigm’s success in the last decade, Bill Parlatore’s detailed analysis should be of interest.

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After 140,000+ nautical miles of FPB owner experience, reading about their experiences in their own words provides a real world perspective on the FPB concept. Read their answers to the question Why FPB? here.

Crossing over to the dark side: Interesting thoughts on the birthing process of the FPB concept.

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