Seeing The Light

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We’ve been working with 3D supremo Ryan Wynott now for an intense year and a half, yet we’ve never met. So with a demanding schedule and tasks at hand requiring the closest collaboration, Ryan left his Canadian winter sanctuary for an arduous trip to the Sonoran desert, where we are presently moored. A first face to face meeting, which went well all things considered.

There are a variety of projects on which we are at work. So even when the Arizona Wildcats are at play in March Madness, we soldier on, albeit with a glance now and then to check the score. Sports fans note – Sweet Sixteen here we come.

FPB 971 Forward lighting-bright

One of the more technically interesting tasks is the lighting plan for the Wicked FPB 97, in particular because of the tools we are using. Files supplied by the bulb manufacturers define light characteristics and help our rendering software to create realistic light patterns. We can insert light fixtures, put them on different circuits, and vary them from dim to bright. The first rendering is with lights on set for working rather than ambiance.

FPB 971 forward lighting medium

Then we drop them to check out a softer scene.

FPB 971 Forward lighting dark

And finally down to the mood level, where you might set things when taking a nap.

1DX 3345

After a period of staring at computer screens we felt Ryan needed a dose of reality, so a hike was ordered. It is spring, and our Canadian compatriot decided to smell the flowers, Arizona style.

1DX 3372 Edit

Then there is the obligatory pose with sahuaro cacti in the background. Note the joy on these faces at the request for an afternoon snapshot.

FPB Imprisonment 1 100

Finally, you will note that it is not possible for those of us toiling at things FPB to escape our fate.

Posted by Steve Dashew  (March 27, 2013)

4 Responses to “Seeing The Light”

  1. Matt L Says:

    Okay, the basketball tournament is over. Where is the boat? ;0)

  2. Steve Dashew Says:

    Basketball is over for our Wildcats (wait til next year – you heard it here), but still has the final game yet to be played. Wind Horse is with her new owner, and we are stuck in the desert.

  3. Matt L Says:

    Okay, now the final game of the tournament is over. Where are the renderings of the new boat? ;0)

  4. Steve Dashew Says:

    That was the best championship game we have ever seen, except of course for 1997 when he Arizona Wildcats defeated Kentucky in overtime to win it all. Now the wait begins. The new season starts in six months, which seems like forever. We expect there will be lots of news this fall. And in the interim, we just have to be patient.