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Surviving the Storm

Hallo! My edition of “Surviving the Storm” is from the year 1999. 1) There is a chapter about the Jordan Series Drogue (p 433 f). Are your conclusions today the same as 10 years ago? 2) Are there any updates available? Price? Kind regards Dr. Lampalzer
Howdy: We have seen nothing in the last ten years  that would change our mind on the Jordan Series Drogue. Rarely needed, but good to have aboard. You have the latest edition. Steve

Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 21, 2009)

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  1. RayG Says:
    Dr. Lampalzer, http://www.jordanseriesdrogue.com/ Design & History http://www.jordanseriesdrogue.com/D_4_m1.htm Pricing Displacement 10,000 lb 60,000lb Complete $1161 $2093 Kit $761 $1405 I think those are the prices you were asking about, RayG