Wind Horse 2010 ARC Slide Show

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Posted by Steve Dashew  (December 4, 2010)

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  1. Robert Avila Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience and your photos — they are simply soul inspiring! May I ask what camera and lenses are you using? The speed of Windhorse is amazing — the perfect fast passage maker for a couple. I wish a hybrid boat, a cross between a Windhorse and a Nordhavn, was offered to the cruising population, it would certainly get my attention. Thanks again for sharing, RA.

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Hi Robert:
    The main camera body is a Canon 7D, secondary a 50D. Moon and stable platform birds are mostly a 500mm F4 using a Wimberly tracking head. The rest are typically done with a 100/400 zoom and a 17/55.

  2. Wayne Simmons Says:

    Steve and Linda,
    How we have enjoyed watching all features on your website over the years. We missed you by two days, I’m told. We were on our way to Theta Volantis when you arrived. I understand from a neighbor that you walked by. I saw Moonwalker and introduced myself. We bought Theta at Berthon six years ago. I am still amazed as I realize yet new design features that you both conceptualized and brought to the Sundeer series. We first looked at Artemis after she returned from her around the world cruise, but were not yet in a position to consider a purchase. The next time was with Raven, but she was in the South Pacific, we’re from San Antonio, Texas.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. As I write this, I am aboard Theta in Rodney Bay as we prepare to move the boat to St. Maarten next month.

    Best Regards,
    Wayne and Helen Simmons

    Steve Dashew Reply:

    Howdy Wayne and Helen:
    Sorry we missed. But I bet we share an anchorage one of these days. Keep us posted on your whereabouts (and we’d love some photos). Trade you an FPB ride for a sail…

  3. Wayne Simmons Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Would love to trade rides, what a treat that’d be. Right now, I’m sitting in the pilothouse in St. Lucia entertaining myself with on the laptop.
    Really enjoy all the articles.


    Steve Dashew Reply:

    You have a deal Wayne:
    Now we just have to get together.